About Us

The significance of current growth of technology in the fields of robotics and automation cannot be over-emphasized. As indicated by the recent advancements in robotics and its utility in virtually all aspects of human life, it is widely expected that societies abreast and compliant with such technologies will prosper more than those without it. With this perspective in mind, the RDS Research Lab was established at PNEC in 2014.


Core Competencies

The prime objective of RDS Research Lab was to setup a research center to meet the proof-of-concept (POC) requirements, and present novel ideas and their implementation for boosting the naval and civic industrial setup, thereby promoting a strong research base for engineering students of NUST-PNEC. RDS Lab further aims to conduct academic and applied research, and provide consultancy and engineering solutions in the areas of robotics and automation, underwater and aerial unmanned autonomous vehicles, mobile robotic platforms, the modeling and simulation of robust controllers for dynamical electro-mechanical control systems arising in numerous naval and industrial applications, and hybrid control of networked & embedded control systems which are so much ubiquitous in today’s modern world.


  • Modeling, Design and Indigenous Development of Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles (UAVs, ROVs and AUVs)
  • Design and Development of Mobile Robotic Platforms
  • Design and Development of Networked & Embedded Control Systems
  • Research and Development in the areas of the Co-operative Control of the Multi-Agent Interactive Systems Connected via Wireless or Wired Networks.

Robotics & Dynamic Systems Lab

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