Adaptive Domotics

Project Team


Project Poster


  • Cdr. Dr. Aleem Mushtaq


  • Ali Rahman
  • Muhammad Iftikharuddin Behroze
  • Muhammad Abdullah

Block Diagrams

An adaptive building energy control system which allows easy monitoring of parameters and is able to adapt to user behavior while minimizing energy consumption.

Salient Features

An intelligent building control system which optimizes electricity consumption

based on:

  • Environmental Parameters
  • User Behavior

Scalable solution due to modular and hierarchical nature.


Hardware Used

  • 8 bit Atmel AVR Atmega168 microcontrollers
  • 32 bit TI TM4C123G6PHM ARM Cortex M4 microcontrollers
  • ESP8266 WiFi SoCs
  • Raspberry Pi
  • RS 485 twisted pair cables
  • ACS712 Current Sensors
  • Step down Transformers
  • TRIACs and optoisolators for control circuitry.

Abstract System Design

Robotics & Dynamic Systems Lab

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