Cdr. Dr. Attaullah Memon

Principal Investigator

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Bachelor of Electrical Engineering



MS Electrical Engineering

Michigan State University


PhD Electrical Engineering

Michigan State University

Advisor: Hassan Khalil

Assistant Professor, EPE Department, NUST-PNEC

Research Interests

Courses Taught

  • Nonlinear Control Systems
  • Networked Control Systems
  • Robotics



Rom No. 106, Center for Postgraduate Studies.

Phone #:

+92 21 4850 3014


(my first name) (at)

  • EE 371 – Control Systems
  • EE 871 – Linear Control Systems
  • EE 977 – Nonlinear Control Systems
  • EE 979 – Advanced Topics in Control Systems
  • EE 975 – Robust & Multivariable Control Systems
  • EE 974 – Networked & Embedded Control Systems
  • EE 814 – Advanced Power Electronics
  • EE 876 – Robotics

Selected Publications

  • "Robust droop control design for a hybrid AC/DC microgrid" F Alam, M Ashfaq, SS Zaidi, AY Memon. Control (CONTROL), 2016 UKACC 11th International Conference on, 1-6
  • "Output regulation of a class of multi-agent systems using conditional servo compensators" AY Memon. Control (CONTROL), 2016 UKACC 11th International Conference on, 1-6
  • "Integral terminal sliding mode formation control of non-holonomic robots using leader follower approach" M Asif, MJ Khan, AY Memon. Robotica, 1-15
  • "FIL simulation of sliding mode controller for DC/DC boost converter" HS Khan, AY Memon. 2016 13th International Bhurban Conference on Applied Sciences and Technology.
  • "Output Feedback Control of a Class of Under-Actuated Nonlinear Systems Using Extended High Gain Observer" N Khalid, AY Memon. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 1-12
  • "Robust output feedback linearizing speed sensorless control of PMSM" AY Memon, SAA Rizvi. 2015 IEEE Conference on Control Applications (CCA), 359-364
  • "A robust observer and controller design for a DC motor with a low-resolution encoder" SAA Rizvi, M Faisal, H Aftab, S Ahmed, AY Memon. The 27th Chinese Control and Decision Conference (2015 CCDC), 3038-3043
  • "Output Feedback Control For Trajectory Tracking Of Wheeled Mobile Robot" M Asif, AY Memon, MJ Khan.Intelligent Automation and Soft Computing
  • "Path tracking of a heavy weight torpedo in diving plane using an output feedback sliding mode controller" U Adeely, AA Zaidiz, AY Memon. 2015 12th IBACST
  • "Robust Output Feedback Stabilization of a Magnetic Levitation System Using Higher Order Sliding Mode Control Strategy"M Ahsan, AY Memon. Advances and Applications in Sliding Mode Control systems, 227-253

Robotics & Dynamic Systems Lab

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